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Prem Property
The HMO Property Management & Guaranteed Rent Specialist

in The West Midlands

Prem Property is an innovative HMO property management and guaranteed rent specialist operating in the West Midlands area. We secure landlords guaranteed rental income solutions on their portfolio and property management services for professional HMOs.

By effectively managing properties and ensuring compliance with all property regulations in the UK, we strive to simplify the complexity of rental property management. Our commitment to our responsibilities is reinforced by innovative approaches

Whether you are a first-time landlord or a portfolio landlord, we have flexible property management services to suit your needs. 

Transforming Landlord Challenges into Solutions

At Prem Property, we understand that managing rental properties can be challenging. That's why we focus on solving common landlord problems to ensure a better experience for tenants and a hands-off, profitable experience for landlords. Our solutions include:

Late rents

If you are tired of dealing with late rents and ongoing arrears, we have a solution. We help landlords implement efficient rent collection strategies and offer solutions to minimize late payments, ensuring consistent rental income.

Rent Arrears

If you're looking for an exit route from rent arrears, we have a solution. We provide effective solutions to receive outstanding payments.

Dilapidated Properties

 If you have a property in need of a lot of repairs and you're not too sure how to get it rented, we have a solution. We work with landlords to refurbish and maintain their properties, ensuring they meet regulatory standards and appeal to tenants.

Lack of Time

Our guaranteed rent and property management services allow landlords to enjoy a hands-off experience, taking care of day-to-day tasks and property maintenance.

Properties Not Generating Income

 If your property is not generating income, we can help through analyzing and developing underperforming properties to boost their profitability. Our guaranteed rent services ensure your property will receive rent regardless of occupancy.

Prem Property stands out by prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of tenants. We are dedicated to assisting landlords in the West Midlands with their property investment challenges, striving to make their investment journey smoother and more profitable, even in challenging economic times, and providing stability in their property investments.

Why Prem Property Services Stand Out

Landlords thriving in the bustling Birmingham property market


Through our forward-thinking property management approach, we have not only advanced as an organization but also ushered in progress for our landlords. In the competitive UK property market, where every second is crucial for maximizing profits, we have helped them efficiently utilize their time, helping them to focus on additional investments and expanding their portfolios.


Our unwavering commitment to quality services has earned us the confidence of our landlords. We provide landlords with the assurance that they have a dependable partner dedicated to maximizing profits and preserving property value. This is particularly true for our guaranteed rent landlords, for whom we've established a solid foundation of trust and peace of mind by consistently delivering their guaranteed profits. This trust is built on our proven track record. Moreover, we are recognized by esteemed organizations, including PRS and The Black Pound Project, further enhancing our credibility.

Building trust with landlords in the West Midlands through strong partnerships and handshakes
Transparency and accountability for landlords illustrated through detailed charts and reports


We take full responsibility for ensuring that you can trust your property is managed by professionals with extensive experience in the UK Property Rental Market.  We understand the significance of your property investment, and our dedicated team is committed to upholding the highest standards to protect both your property and your peace of mind. Your trust is our driving force in delivering exceptional property management services.

Ronaldo Hare - Director of Prem Property, Property Management in The West Midlands

Ronaldo Hare | Director

Ronaldo Hare, based in Birmingham, UK, is the founder of Prem Property, offering innovative services aimed at simplifying and providing assurance for landlords. With his business competence, ethics, and unwavering dedication, Ronaldo has transformed Prem Property into a thriving organization in just a few years. Prem Property Services aims to become a household name among property professionals in the social housing industry and shared accommodation developers.


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