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​Receive your rent like clockwork, regardless of whether your property is occupied or not. 
Maintenance, bills, tenant management, and compliance, are all on us!​

Why Landlords Love Us

"Prem Property manages our 32-bed HMO. Our occupancy was at 70% on average once we started but with Prem, it’s now averaging 97%.  It has been great! We rarely have any concerns and have been working together for years. Things are done systematically and at a good time that gives a little to no headache for us, giving us time to focus on expanding the portfolio.  Easy and stress-free. Can’t recommend Ronaldo and the team enough! They now manage my whole portfolio." - Jas S

"My first impression of becoming a landlord is a lot of your time would be taken up with running the business side of things but Prem Property has made this a lot easier and less time-consuming. I am totally hands-free which favors me as I have another business to run." -Nin J

"Easing the life of landlords & providing the premier service is our passion"

As a multiple property rental owner, staying ahead in the property game is crucial.


Join thousands of other property industry professionals who stay updated on regulations and market trends to ensure a successful venture.

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International House The Mclaren Building, 46 The Priory Queensway, Birmingham, England B4 7LR

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