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Room in a serviced accommodation property managed by Prem Property in Birmingham City Centre.

Serviced Accommodation Property Management

Hassle-Free Property Management Services for Serviced Accommodation Rentals in the West Midlands

If you're a property owner in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, or anywhere in the West Midlands looking to boost the profitability of your apartments or houses through platforms like Airbnb or, Prem Property is the partner you're looking for. We specialise in comprehensive property management services tailored for serviced accommodations and apartments. Our mission is to help you unlock the full potential of this opportunity, ensuring increased profitability for your investment.

We understand that while serviced accommodations and short-term rentals offer the promise of higher returns, they also come with unique challenges. This is where Prem Property excels—we simplify serviced accommodation property management for you. By entrusting us with the management of your serviced apartments, you gain the assurance of achieving higher occupancy rates while maintaining the impeccable quality of your properties.

Living room in a serviced accommodation property managed by Prem Property in Birmingham City Centre.

What is a Serviced Accommodation?

Serviced accommodation, also known as serviced apartments, provides fully furnished living spaces with hotel-like services at budget-friendly rates for short-term stays.

These versatile accommodations offer a comprehensive package that includes well-appointed bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a cosy living area, bathroom or ensuite facilities, and convenient parking options. Whether a traveller is a solo traveller, with family, or part of a larger group, serviced accommodations are designed to comfortably accommodate more guests, making them their initial and ideal choice for a variety of travellers.

Exceptional Value for Short-Term Rentals

What sets serviced apartments apart is their exceptional value in terms of short-term rentals. These accommodations seamlessly blend cost-effectiveness with guest service excellence, a combination usually reserved for high-end hotels. Travellers seeking affordability without compromising on guest services often choose serviced accommodations or apartments.

Offering serviced accommodation presents landlords with numerous advantages. The flexibility and appeal of short-term rentals contribute to higher occupancy rates and increased rental income. This positions landlords to tap into a broader market, capturing the attention of business travellers, tourists, and families alike. The potential for greater returns, coupled with efficient management, renders serviced accommodation an appealing choice for landlords seeking to maximize their property investments.

Benefits of Serviced Accomodations
Why They're Ideal?

When it comes to maximizing the potential of your property investment, short-term rentals such as serviced accommodations offer a range of advantages that make them the ideal choice for landlords in The West Midlands

Higher Rental Income

Serviced Accommodation rentals often yield higher rental income compared to traditional long-term agreements


You can enjoy the flexibility to use your property for personal use whenever you desire

Tailored Pricing and Profitability

Serviced Accommodation lets you adjust rates based on demand, maximizing your property earnings

Regular Property Inspections

With shorter rental durations, you have more opportunities to inspect and maintain your property investments.

​​Shorter or No Void Periods

With the steady influx of guests and travelers, you'll experience shorter periods where your property remains unoccupied

Utilization of Furnished Units

If your property is furnished, short-term rentals make the most of the amenities you provide, increasing their appeal to guests

Easier Property Upgrades

Implementing upgrades or renovations is more manageable with short-term rentals, as you can schedule them between guest stays

Why Choose Prem Property for
Serviced Accommodation Property Management?

Based in Birmingham City Centre with a strong presence in the West Midlands, we have successfully managed numerous properties for serviced accommodation catering to a diverse range of travellers, including solo adventurers, business professionals, and families.


At Prem Property, our commitment goes beyond standard property management for serviced accommodations. Our excellent reviews come not only from landlords but also from the guests we've had the privilege to host.


Our mission is to consistently exceed expectations by offering properties that surpass our guests' anticipations, all while providing a hands-off experience and increased revenue from serviced accommodation properties for our valued landlords.

Easing the life of landlords & providing the premier service is our passion

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