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HMO Property Management

Simplified Rental Property Management for Multiple Occupancies in The West Midlands

It's no secret that managing an HMO involves more work compared to other types of properties. Handling multiple tenancy agreements, along with other aspects such as rent collection, demands not only time but also expertise. While self-management might seem more cost-effective, it actually requires a significant amount of time and effort—much more than a regular 9-5 job. This commitment takes away time that could be better spent on more valuable matters.

If your HMO property is located in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, or the surrounding areas of the West Midlands, Prem Property is the trusted service provider for comprehensive property management assistance to landlords. Our aim is to achieve efficient management that yields profits, saves time, and offers peace of mind. We provide our exclusive end-to-end Prem Property services to help ensure that your property investments are fully compliant with HMO regulations, working together with our team.

What is a HMO?

Houses shared by three or more people are known as HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation). Typically, residents of HMOs share amenities like bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets, while maintaining separate households. These accommodations are commonly used for students, professionals, or other individuals who aren't part of a traditional family unit.

Due to their shared nature, HMOs are subject to specific requirements and regulations, such as HMO licenses aimed at ensuring the well-being of their occupants. These regulations often encompass guidelines for fire safety and maintenance.

The Workload in HMO Property Management

Here are some key aspects that we will work on for you, enabling you to efficiently manage your HMO rental property:

 Room Rental Assessment

Evaluate each room's rental value to maximize your HMO's profit.

Reducing Risks through Effective Tenant Screening

Conduct background checks, verify rental histories and references, and assess the credit, financial, and criminal histories of potential tenants.

Smooth Transition from Screening to Move-In and Onboarding Process

Efficiently manage tenancy applications and documentation, handle Assured Shorthold Tenancies (ASTs), and ensure compliance with legal requirements for deposit protection.

Diligent Rental Collection and Rent Arrears Management

Ensure efficient rent collection with transparent monthly financial reports. Proactively manage rent arrears, sending notices, and escalating legal actions when necessary.

Regular Property Inspections to Ensure Property is Well Maintained

Prem Property maintains property value by performing routine property inspections, particularly in HMOs since the property is shared by a number of residents. We coordinate repairs and maintenance with trusted service providers while keeping landlords informed through detailed financial and property monthly reports.

Emergency Call Outs

Provide 24-hour availability for addressing any property emergencies.

Adhering to UK Compliance and Regulations

Ensure property compliance with all UK regulations, including applications, testing, and certification. Conduct regular inspections to maintain compliance with HMO guidelines and provide annual certifications.

Creating a Safe Space for Tenant Welfare

Handle tenant disputes and conflicts professionally, offering landlords peace of mind in managing stressful scenarios. 

Managing HMOs can be highly demanding due to the extensive range of responsibilities involved. That is why, among all types of rental properties, HMO properties have consistently been entrusted to property management companies or property managers. Ensuring operational efficiency for landlords is crucial, but equally important is prioritising the safety of the property and tenants.

These responsibilities go beyond what's mentioned above, potentially taking away the initial purpose of investing in HMO rental property for passive income. The extensive time commitment involved can lead to burnout. However, there are more efficient approaches available, including relying on professionals who have the necessary knowledge, skills, and expertise in managing HMO properties in the West Midlands.

Why Choose Prem Property for
HMO Property Management?

Years of managing the largest HMO in Walsall, West Midlands with 32-Bed maintaining a high occupancy and collection efficiency rate.

Proven expertise in providing landlords in West Midland the opportunity to focus on creating other investments and building their portfolio of properties by handling property management tasks efficiently and ensuring positive tenant experiences.

Trustworthy not only to landlords but also to tenants, we ensure a well-maintained and pleasant living environment. We are relied upon to address any matters that require attention, including emergency call-outs.

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